In 1922, Dr. Albert Dormanns laid the foundation stone for this success story as he was standing in the vacant building that had previously housed his since deceased grandfather’s fabric plant. Albert established his own company called the “Dormanns’ Trouser Factory” on the premises. He used an inventory of returns, sample coupons, and overstock materials he had acquired to make jackets, pants, and work garments. After the upheaval of the war, which had led to a brief relocation of the production lines to a restaurant, the owner decided to specialize in the production of men’s pants in 1950. He built a new factory for this endeavor. The new collection consisted of everything from breeches to sportswear pants to cropped pants – in short, everything men’s fashion demanded back in the day.

For more than 90 years, ALBERTO’s creative studios have been experimenting with designs and materials to come up with stunning cuts, styles, and functions. It takes about 40 steps to make every pair of ALBERTO pants. Each pair of trousers consists of no fewer than 36 individual components, which are assembled with great precision.

Origin: Germany

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