If you are a fan of some of the finest men’s Italian and French luxury houses in the world, chances are you have come across Belvest. Belvest has built its reputation as a crafter of clothing for some of the most famous brands around, which use the Belvest product under their own name. Family runs deep throughout the company. While Aldo Nicoletto founded the company in 1964 on the outskirts of Venice, Italy, Belvest has since been passed down two generations and is currently being managed by Mr. Nicoletto’s grandson Riccardo Della Piazza.

The garment factory today is located in Padova, Italy (200km east of Milan), and employs more than 300 people who craft some of the finest jackets, suits and overcoats on the planet. Many of the employees are also following in the steps of they’re parents who also themselves worked for Belvest, showing that la familia continues to be at the center of Belvest’s values.

Origin: Italy

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