The artisan excellence of Calo shoes is the result of a journey that began in the 80s with the aim of offering shoes built with respect for tradition but with the desire to innovate. A vision that still today guides the company in a long journey of knowledge and constant updating.

The accurate selection of leather hides and the attention to each single step of the production process lead to the creation of impeccable shoes, reflecting the constant research and innate passion of master craftsmen. Calo’s manufacturing ability and efficiency are acknowledged by top luxury brands that chose us to be their suppliers.

Expert craftsmen and skilled, young workers operating with traditional tools and up-to-date machinery, with a persistent approach to quality. Calò shoes portray the Italian handicraftsman tradition through a know-how honed over time but always open to changes and new ideas.

Tradition, innovation, passion: every shoe is generated through the repetition of ancient procedures combined with a contemporary vision, capturing cool fashion trends and consumer needs.

Their manufacturing process originates from the careful selection of raw materials and goes through gentle manual operations. Footwear strictly sewn with needle and wax thread and built to ensure long lasting comfort.

Origin: Italy

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