Italo Ferretti

While working as a Representative for the Lebole parish company in the Center of Italy, Italo Ferretti immediately noticed the great demand for neckties in the textile market and a somehow deficient local manufacturing industry. That is the reason he decided to buy ties stock from Como’s already renowned fabrics companies and to resell them to the central Italian fashion retail network. The instant success of the idea convinced him to give life to his own production company, starting as a small workshop in his hometown suburbs Santostefano.

1979 represented a turning point for Italo Ferretti, as it marked the start of the collaboration with a clothing factory in the Italian neighborhood: Brioni. The Brioni tie, an indisputable synonym for high-end manufacturing and elegance, is the result of Italo’s enthusiasm and passion. For almost 30 years the neckties realized by Italo Ferretti have been the world’s Presidents, Politicians, and Governor’s favorites.

Today the Italo Ferretti company headquarters are still in Silvi Marina, not very far from the Santostefano area where the first Italo Ferretti workshop was in the 60s. Since 2019, Carlo, Italo’s first son, together with his two brothers Federico and Giacomo, has guided the Company.

Origin: Italy
Italo Ferretti

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