After spending years learning from arguably the best Italian leather glove maker in history, Dante Trussardi, Valentino Mazzoleni started his own brand in 1958. The same can now also be said of Mr. Mazzoleni’s son Luigi, and his son Valentino, who are both now continuing the tradition of great artisan glove making from their father/grandfather. Mazzoleni gloves have one main philosophy: true art accepts no compromises. The company is proud to have never given into the temptation of lowering the level of its quality for the sake of increasing production. Manufacturing at its best – Mazzoleni does not simply see its products as gloves, but as pieces of art. Selected from the best cashmere and leathers, each Mazzoleni glove comes from a unique creative process which is always enhanced by the personal touch of the artisan. Mazzoleni gloves are sought-after by the most important fashion houses in the world because they have recognised and appreciated what it truly means to be “Made in Italy.”

Origin: Italy

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