The beginnings of the Pelikan Company trace back to the chemist Carl Hornemann, who made his customers an offer for oil paints, watercolors, and for so-called “farbige Dinten” – colored inks, on April 28, 1838. This price list – safely restored in the Pelikan archives – was the foundation of the company’s manufacturing line, from which the worldwide known trademark Pelikan has developed.

In the 1980s, writing with a fountain pen experienced a revival. Not necessarily in everyday use, however, it was used again for personal letters, for signatures, and as a status symbol. This kind of change was reflected in particular models. The fountain pens became more elaborate in their equipment and special product series were made. As a consequence, an article of daily use changed to a collector’s item.

In the year 2010, Pelikan launched the Edelstein Ink Collection. Thanks to a special ingredient, these inks, which are still produced in the factories nearby Hanover, provide a pleasantly smooth writing comfort and with their high-quality glass flacon, they make a fancy decoration on any desk.

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