Umberto Vallati

In 1966, Umberto Vallati, at the time a skilled craftsman in a small village in the Marche region of Italy, acquired a company which was locally famous for decades in the field of knitwear production. Over the next 4 years he took the time to invest in the best production technology around with one single purpose; to design, produce and distribute the highest quality knitwear in the world. With this, in 1970, the brand “Umberto Vallati” was born. Fueled by a 12,000 square meter manufacturing factory named “Manifattura Italiana s.r.l.”, Umberto Vallati can say with pride that all of its pieces are exclusively “Made in Italy”. This factory houses a full production line from start to finish, but also has a fully functional area for stylistic research, which allows its standards to never drop.

At Manifattura Italiana s.r.l., the finest raw materials are combined with ancient artisan techniques by a workforce which demands perfection in every piece. Now in the Vallati family’s third generation, Umberto Vallati has collaborated with some internationally recognized brands such as Versace, Francesco Smalto, and Verri.

Origin: Italy
Umberto Vallati

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